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Mar 24, 2013 9:00am PDT
a situation where the defense department and v.a. on different systems so it takes a while once you get out of the service to go through the v.a. what can the president do? what do you need in order to make this happen more quickly? >> well, it is very clear, veterans are a top priority with the president and eliminating the backlog is in the front of his mind. >> do you need more people, processors, accountability, what do you need? >> if you look at the budgets, for v.a. 40% increase in our budget when other departments have gone through belt tightening. someone once told me show me your budget and i will show your value. i think very clearly from the president that growth in our budget reflects where he places the value. >> i want to point out to you something that comes from jeff miller, paub can from florida said talking about the backlog. >> without better workload or surge capacity planning, i am fearful that v.a. is simply one national mission away from complete collapse and utter failure. >> and, again, i think it sounds like the president's heart's in the right place, your
Mar 24, 2013 6:00am PDT
defensive marriage act which is the defensive law that defines marriage as between a man and woman. >> correct. the united states supreme court since the 1880s has 14 times described marriage as a fundamental right. so when we're talking about this issue going before the court, we are talking about fundamental notions of freedom, of justice and liberty. >> and fundamental right, that means you think within the constitution there is a fundamental right for anyone to marry regardless of gender. >> when we talk about fundamental rights as it relates to the constitution, we are talking about those rights that we as a nation designated as being some of the most sacred of all the rights we can have. and 14 times the united states supreme court has described marriage as a fundamental right. >> so what do you -- what's reasonable to expect when you look at the number of things that are being argued by very am kous briefs on sides and people say here's another reason to uphold prop 8 or say it's unconstitutional, where is the realm of possibility do you think in what might ultimately be dec
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2